Ajayi Crowder
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Base on the reports of students’ abduction across the country, Ajayi Crowther University (ACU), Oyo, has advised its students against leaving the campus, saying there’s no unauthorised movement outside the university at this time.

Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Timothy Adebayo, who affirmed worry over the abduction of students across the country, said ACU would stripprously monitor the movement of all its students to avert disaster

While urging the students to be security conscious, Prof. Adebayo sobbed that “with what is going on across the country, it seems nowhere is safe. Therefore, all our students should stay on campus. No student should go outside the campus without due authorisation “

He said, one of the advantages of the faith-based institution is that it is fully residential. “Consequently, I don’t want any student to go outside this campus without taking authorization. You must also wear your identity card always”

“As the Vice Chancellor, I will be held accountable for anything that happens to you. Therefore, I cannot deceive that all is well with this country concerning the issue of security; going by all the reports we read and hear. Let us work together and remain safe. Don’t defy this restriction of movement order,” Adebayo said.


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